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ImmortalWrt Sysupgrade Server (0.2.0-f5a2d00)

About the Sysupgrade Server

This server listens for requests to build custom ImmortalWrt sysupgrade images. It starts an ImageBuilder process for the specified target, incorporates any requested packages, and returns that image to the requestor. The server also provides an API for common operations. Learn more on Github. Please report issues!

How to use this server: There are at least two clients that can request a new image from the Sysupgrade Server:

View the Server Stats: Server Stats

Sysupgrade Server Configuration:

Available branches on this server:
  • 23.05.3
  • 23.05.2
  • 23.05-SNAPSHOT
  • 21.02.7
  • 21.02.6
  • 21.02-SNAPSHOT

Allow custom UCI defaults: True